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COOP LOTFE: Shattered Ice.
Author Voy & S.Boss
Description //~~ Installation:
// 0) Open your Rune Directory
// *If* you have the old 'LOTFE' installed, delete all the old files,
// to avoid conflicts like this:
// coop-lotfe01-Beginnings (NEW) <--> coop-lotfe01-Begginings (OLD)
// ^ ^^ ^^ ^
// Place .u files in your "System" folder
// Place .run files in your "Maps" folder
// Place .uax files in your "Sounds" folder
// Place .utx files in your "Textures" folder
// A) To start the first map ->offline<-, open the console and type:
// open coop-lotfe01-beginnings
// B) To start a server select the "Coop" game mode first, and select
// the first map.
Filesize 189.18 MB
Date Tuesday 02 September 2014 - 15:44:36
Downloads 665
 8.0 - 1 vote 


COOP LOTFE Onaga | 02 Sep : 18:08

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Walkthrough click here!

COOP LOTFE: Shattered Ice. mute | 26 Mar : 20:26
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Registered: 01 Jan : 21:39
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I've played it and thought you guys deserve some feedback for all the hard work.
I enjoy it. The levels were big and varied ... little repetitive and some too linear for my taste ... but all very atmospheric and imaginative.
Notice few bugs: few BSP holes and in map 21 (Town) i had few crashes do to light manager set up for surfaces failed to render dynamic lights.
For me best levels were in the middle of the mod.
My favorite enemy was the green toxic warrior ... nice debris set up . And best concept ... regenerating warrior.
Over all ... good mod

COOP LOTFE: Shattered Ice. S.Boss | 31 Mar : 13:13
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Registered: 18 Feb : 10:36
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Thank you for the feedback.

UE1 doesn't seem to like big open maps, it's one of the main reasons why we replaced the 'Abandoned Woods' map with the new 'Lake's Secret' map (which is my newest and probably last map).

I'm glad you liked the new enemies, and I hope you found some silly secrets too

Creating LOTFE was a huge learning experience - we'd do many things differently now.

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