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Author =[Vbh]=Lörd-Raven
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Description Thank you for downloading Dm-1on1 Arena From Hell!

Author: =[Vbh]=Lörd-Raven

Creation notes: This is an awesome arena NOT based on the getting old-fast 1on1 Arena by Himself. This was my 2nd map ever, done about a 1-1 and a half years ago. In 1on1 Arena From Hell, there are many things to do. You start in a large octagon shaped room, with lava, arches, weapons, and food all in a hell/desert like theme. You can choose to go through four doorways, leading to 4 different rooms. 1 doorway leads to a large, low lag arena. Door 2 leads to an open, small and dark arena. Door 3 leads to a pool room, with funny soundFX on the gong and drums. Finally, door 4 leads to "The Leap of Faith". I was a very bad mapper back then, and the leap of faith is kind of glitchy. It streches a good part of the grid In Unreal Editor, and is a very long fall. I won't give it all away though. This is not the original map I made, as I recently fixed the skybox errors, and fixed the floor of "The Leap of Faith". Zones were edited in the main room so no one would die, as when I tested it online awhile back everyone was killing everyone in the weapon room. Any more errors (prone to be some, as it was my 2nd map ever) can be sent to in a report form to , thank you for your time.

Time taken: About 3 - 4 hours of non-stop working. Not the best map, but it definatly works for 1on1 and higher matches, very nice.

Other Notes: Feel free to modify this map as you wish, but you MUST give credit to me. Please do not re-distribute this map without my direct permission. Contact me a

Overview: 1on1 Arena From Hell is a large Arena Style map set for Deathmatchs.

This map is very old, but still works fine . This is most likely going to be the FINAL-RELEASE of this map, meaning I don't plan on editing or modifiying it in any way to send in Version 2. I will leave the modding up to you, and if you do edit it, I would love to see your work.

This is a simple procedure. Simply open this zip file in any Zip program (WinRar, which I used to compress this, Winzip, Built in XPzip, ETC) and extract the '' file to your Rune\Maps\ folder. All other files included in this Zip file are not needed to extract, as it is just this Read-me file. Have fun!

The Viking Blood Hoarde, Clan Leader, Lord-Raven
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Date Wednesday 27 May 2009 - 14:58:57
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