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Intro And Entry Maps
Intro/Entry Hrothgars_Intro
Author Jaret 'Hrothgar' Illingworth
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Description Name:

Jaret 'Hrothgar' Illingworth

Description: This map is a short cinematic for your viewing pleasure. It offers a new
look to enter Rune with.

Installation: Replace the file currently in your maps folder with the one in
the zipped folder. Make sure that if you would like to use the original one at a later
point I suggest you put it in the next higher directory. EX: The Rune Directory. Next
put the MyLevel.u file from the zipped into your Rune/System Folder. Start Rune in your
normal way and enjoy.

I hope everyone enjoys my newest creation. Have Fun. Hrothgar.

Also on a side not I would like to thank Attila for a lot of troubleshooting help during
the release of this project.
Image no image available
Filesize 5.49 MB
Date Friday 29 May 2009 - 21:23:40
Downloads 386
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