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Wea Real Weapons
Author Tio, Unseen, Sythest, Cecil
Author email ?
Description The Real Weapons
By: Tioruben, who made the models.
Sythest, he's fucking awesome with textures.
and a some help from Unseen, who got the Zweihander ready for integration into the pack. not only that, he fixed the
clipping problem when you stowed that huge sum bitch. Thanks man!
And of course, Cecil, who came up with this idea and wrote this damn readme and bundled all the weapons together.

I wont answer about construction time, but i'd like to say it took over 9000 years because of a few technical difficulties.


The Weapons

This weapon pack contains some real renaiisance age style weaponry, and a few shields from varying ages.
The pack also contains a few unique and legendary weapons that have some strange properties and are devastating weapons in general.

1. The bastard sword. An adventurer's best friend, you can summon it by becoming an admin, and typing in Summon realweps.bastardsword. This weapon is quite balanced, and it gets it's name from the fact that it is neither a two handed sword or one handed sword, thus the weapon really belongs to no family, thus having no father, hence making it a 'bastard'.

2. The Dagger. Although short in length and slender, it's a perfect weapon to throw at fleeing opponents, since it's very lightweight and well, it soars when thrown. the summon code for this one is realweps.dagger

3. The Zweihander. A massive sword, comprising of a large hilt, heavy pommel and wide quillions(Guard), this blade has a leather wrapped hilt and Ricasso, which is the part of the sword that is above the guard, used as an extra grip for real close quartered fights. This one cames with parrying hooks used to defend your fingers if you're using said ricasso.
You can summon it, it goes by the name Realweps.zsword.

4. The broad axe. An axe that has a long shaft and a wide blade. Perfect for decapitating folks. The summon i think is realweps.broad or realweps.broadaxe. i can't really remember there's so many god damn weapons in this file.


well, there's about four shields in hurr. i'll name em off.

Round Shields, what can i say, they're big, round and very sturdy and will last longer than a battle shield.

1. Roud shield #1, a basic round shield with basic paint. summon realweps.round1

2. Round Shield #2, this one has got a cross painted on it. great for holy warriors i suppose. summon realweps.round2

3. Round shield #3, this one is made of metal. that's about it. summon realweps.round3

4. The Kite shield, well this one is large, kite shaped and metal reinforced with wood. Great for knights. summon realweps.kiteshield or summon realweps.kite can't really remember but summon name should be along that idea.

Legendary Weapons

Well these weapons are legendary, and if you truely want to dominate the battle field, it would be vital to get control of one of these.

1. The BANHAMMER. wielded by many forum kings in the ancient times of Rune's past, it's now your turn to dish out the BAN. Don't let it's size fool you, this thing is quite light weight and flies like a bird when thrown. also it gives off a golden disco glow in those deep dank dark caverns. Summon realweps.banhammer

2. The Devilseeker. The powerful mithril bastardsword wieled by the Hero Leon in the Final Legend series, it's mithril blade is extremely flexible and indestructible. not only does it cut people wide fucking open quite well, you can summon the holy shield Valor to your side with this sword. This awesome sword is usually sought out by Warriors and Paladins. Summon realweps.devilseeker

3.The Einlanzer, a large adamantine zweihander that bears the distinctive blood red appearance of Adamant, it can cut through normal steel and flesh like a hot knife through better. It's blade is extremely hard and un bendable, but also it never chips and breaks and corrodes. Was once wielded by the Knight Cecil to slay the dragon Vaegir in Rp-towns, this blade is usually sought out by knights and Dark Knights. summon realweps.ein

4. The sword of Champions, the only mithril two handed sword of it's kind. once wielded by Lord Lucian to fend off the hordes of spammers and chatkillers in the Lands of {{WaR}}. summon realweps.champsword


Uhh i believe that's it.


oh yeah legal shit.

Whatever you do, dont steal our shit, you can host it on your server and you can modify however you like, i dont care if you turn all the swords into dick shaped objects, just give credit to the original authors.

And if you do, Tio, Unseen, Sythest and I are gonna find you in your sleep, and we're gonna go code red on your ass with soap in the sock.

^^^^ so dont be that guy.

DISCLAIMER: Do not buy, own or gift swords, and do not reenact what you see in rune, swords are fucking dangerous, and will cut you wide open, and None of us are going to pay your hospital bill if you so happen to cut yourself WIDE FUCKING OPEN.
We also dont pay for funerals either.

remember the three D's of swords:

DEAD, that's what you'll be if you buy one.

DYING, that's what you're family will be if you buy a sword.

And i forgot the other D.
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Date Tuesday 21 July 2009 - 14:08:41
Downloads 830
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Wea Real Weapons the lord of war | 08 Oct : 15:33
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THIS IS A RIPOFF. It made me the normal weps in rune not these

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