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Rune v1.04 RusChat
Author Canyouh
Description Only for version 1.04 of Rune! Will not work with other versions!
Extract all files from to the Rune\System folder.

How to use:

Configurations are made in the "Russian.ini" file.
To start chatting in Russian, press the key [Insert] on your keybord.
Write your message and press [Enter] key to say it in the chat.
If the keys are not configured correctly, use "debug" command and
change config file.
The command "translit" turns translit ON/OFF (Я -> Ya).


When you chat with russian letters only other players who have version
1.04 will see the chat messages! The other players will not see what
you write. Use translit function if you want all to see!


If you have any questions about chatting with russian letters in Rune
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Filesize 744.79 kB
Date Saturday 21 May 2011 - 09:59:22
Downloads 546
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