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Bongo's Domination
Description Thanks to Haltyr('Evildick') for Mapping.
Thanks to everyone on -FV-,-=ROV=- and REY for testing.

This mod was coded in 3 days smile

1 - Installing
2 - Playing
3 - Admin commands and other features
4 - Resources

1 - Installing:
Place Domination.u and in your rune/system folder.

In your Rune.ini file, scroll down until you will find the ServerPackages part,
it should look like this(unless you changed it):

add this in a new line(after "ServerPackages=HallsOfValhalla"):
and save the file.

Domination is 100% safe from all attacks(Server crashing, map switching,
password stealing and suicide-spamming\crashing) and therefore should not be
used with other protecting mutators, since some of them need to change the
players' classes, and Domination mod already has it's own safe players' classes.

2 - Playing:
To use this mod, make a server and select "Domination" on
the GameType list.

How to play:
Domination is based on Domination mod from UT, and the spontaneous
game of "Defend the axe" on hildir in -=ROV=- server.

There are 2 teams, each team must capture all the domination points.
There are 3 domination points in each map. Every 3 seconds,
the domination point will give 1 point to it's owning team.
The team that will reach the frag-limit first will win the game.

3 - Admin Commands and other features:
This mod includes most of the TV mod features.
The TV-Taunt-menu is here, for you and clients, with same commands(TVSpeech
and TVTaunt) so you won't have to re-bind keys for each mod.
Admin commands are also the same, this are the admin commands in Domination:
(First line is the command you must write, other lines are the vars you must fill)

SwitchLevel MapName - Will switch the map to whatever DOM map you want(SwitchCooplevel is also allowed, though now its safe smile)
TVRamai IDNum ScoreNum - Will change the score of a selected player(by his ID) to the ScoreNum var you wrote.
TVBring IDNum - will teleport a selected player to you.
TVGoTo IDNum - will teleport you to a selected player.
TVMute IDNum - will mute a selected player, mute is for both SAY and TVSpeech functions.
TVAdmin IDNum - will make a selected player admin, without having to give away your AdminPassword.

4 - Resources:
New classes:
Info--->GameInfo--->RuneGameInfo--->RuneMultiPlayer--->TeamGame--->Domination(The game's core)
HUD--->RuneHUD---DomHUD(the mod's HUD)
NavigationPoint--->DomPoint(the Domination point)
NavigationPoint--->DomLight(the Domination point's light)
NavigationPoint--->PlayerStart--->DomStart(the mod's PlayerStart)
ParticleSystem--->GroundDust--->DomDust(the horizontal blue dust effect)
ParticleSystem--->GroundDust--->DomDust--->DomDustRed(the horizontal red dust effect)
ParticleSystem--->GroundDust--->DomUpDust(the vertical blue dust effect)
ParticleSystem--->GroundDust--->DomUpDust--->DomUpDustRed(the vertical red dust effect)
ParticleSystem--->GroundDust--->DomUpDust--->DomFlame(the Domination point's flame)
Pawn--->PlayerPawn--->RunePlayer--->DomPlayer(the Domination player class, all subclasses are diffrent skins)

New Textures:
Domination.Dom(The X sign on the HUD)

This mod is free.
You CANNOT modify/use the code without Bongo's approval.
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Date Wednesday 17 June 2009 - 15:38:31
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