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MKP-Arena V261
Description To Install: Place the mkpa.u and files into your Rune/System directory.

Add the following line to your Rune.ini (in the System directory), under [Engine.GameEngine]


While setting up your server, be sure to include the Mindkiller Productions Arena in your mutators. This mutator must be at the very TOP of the list. The reason being is that the MKP Arena is very friendly towards other mutators and does not interfere with their priorities and instructions. Other mutators however, do not have the same compatibility, and may interfere with the MKP Arena.

The Mindkiller Productions Arena is finally here! It's jam-packed with awesome new weapons and effects! This mod is guaranteed to keep you entertained for months...maybe even years! It combines all of Mido's best creations into an RPG-like Arena where players battle it out for the better arsenal. Choose between Melee, Bolts, and Bombs, or just have a mix of them all! There's a total of 21 weapons, many of which are 100% unique and original. Overall one could say it's a fine-tuned Arena game with an RPG-system. A project that has taken months to complete. We hope you enjoy it!

IMPORTANT ADMIN NOTES: This game is EXTREMELY hack-proof. Tampering with its code or trying to edit your character in any way that is considered illegal (ie. Setting yourself to level 100) will be met with EXCESSIVE FORCE. You have been warned.

Extra Goodies: For admins only, this game comes complete with a Jailing system! If any players are becoming an annoyance to you or other players, here are the steps required to send them to jail.

1) Log in as an admin.
2) Turn on cheats with "cheatplease" (in the console).
3) Summon mkpa.jailcaster and pick it up. (Note: It is invisible).
4) Hold the targetting dot on the area you want to cast the jail. Move it around until it becomes a star (this indicates that you are allowed to put a jail down in this area). After you see the star, press Attack once to summon the jail itself.
5) Once the jail is set, all you have to do is jail and unjail people at your will.

The following are commands that must be used through the console:

mutate showlist - This command will give you all the ID Numbers of everyone who has made an account.

mutate jail [idnumber] - This command will jail whoever is entered in the [idnumber] area. (ie. mutate jail 5)

mutate unjail [idnumber] - Works in the same fashion as "mutate jail" and unjails a player. (ie. mutate unjail 5)

To remove the jail from the game, simply take out the mkpa.jailcaster and use the Rune Powerup key when it's wielded. When someone is jailed, they are stripped of their weapons and they cannot leave. If they try to go through the jail bars, they will be killed instantly, and will LOSE EXPERIENCE POINTS for this. Everyone else who is not jailed can safely pass in and out of jail. However anyone who tries to kill a jailed person will not be able to. If by some chance a jailed person escapes, they will only be able to move a short distance before their invulnerability wears off, and they will still be weaponless. Finally, once you unjail a jailed person, they become free to leave jail, and their weapons are given back to them.

If at any point during the game, you forget any of the commands that you may use, simply type

mutate help

in the console. Once you do so, all of the commands available to you will be displayed in the CONSOLE. Please read them in the console and NOT on the in-game screen.

For more information on this mod and others, please visit

Thank You all for trying our mod! We hope you enjoy it!



1.0.1: -Fixed a checksum error within the Bolts class.

1.0.2: -Fixed a checksum error within the last bolt weapon. (All checksum errors have been eradicated.)
1.0.2: -Fixed a major problem with the anti-hack system, no more characters will be randomly erased.
1.0.2: -IMPORTANT: Characters that were made with 1.01 could get erased right after applying 1.02. All surviving characters and those that are created with 1.0.2 should be safe.

New Stuff:
-Added Bolt: Flare
-Added Bolt: Quantum Fazer
-Added Bolt: Force Bolt
-Added Melee: Viper
-Added Bomb: Photon Blast
-Added Bomb: Acid Burn
-Added Bomb: Blood Omen

Removed Stuff:
-Removed Bolt: Lightning
-Removed Bolt: Laser Bolt

-Revised all damage values
-Revised all sounds for all weapons
-Revised weapon placement
-Bolts move much faster
-Bolts recycle slightly slower
-Bombs recycle twice as fast
-Changed Storm Ball's look slightly
-Bolt recycle rate is the same for all bolts
-Bomb recycle rate is the same for all bombs
-Bolt speed increases considerably from bolt to bolt
-Bomb speed increases moderately from bomb to bomb
-Bomb radius barely increases from bomb to bomb

Core Changes:
-2.0 data files will not be compatible with 1.0.2 data files
-New Xp System
-There are a total of 21 weapons and they will be awarded 1 every 5 levels in the order of melee - bolt - bomb - repeat

Xp System Changes:
-Monsters no longer award experience
-New xp sharing method
-No xp will be awarded for kills not done with proper arena weaponry, this means no more ground projectile, other weapons, etc, crushers, abuse
-No xp will be awarded if the person doing damage is invisible, ghosted, or has god mode on

-Password encryption enhanced, now uses a different method for every character
-Anti-Admin-Hack method revised and enhanced

-MKP shut down function added
-MKP killswitch function added

2.0.1: Removed the last remaining XP exploit
2.0.1: Fixed server crash

2.1: Fixed random character deletion problem
2.1: Reworked the encryption system
2.1: Droped alpha beta delta omega and secure individual player values reducing database size
2.1: Code optimized to run more efficiently with fewer problems
2.1: Cpu strain slightly increased during major calculations

2.2: Fixed a bug with plasma shot and ki blast
2.2: Changed xp system, should no longer miss xp on rare occassions
2.2: Mutate ranks displays levels properly

2.3: Melee awards proper xp per damage now ( before you only got 66 % because of a bug )

2.4: Finally obliterated the bug that caused illogical variables ( deleted characters in 2.0 )
2.4: Took care of the "pause" exploit

2.5: Weapon is no longer put away when leveling
2.5: Leveling no longer gives full hp back, instead a percentile is calculated
2.5: Player quarry has been changed to 500 from 200
2.5: Rehandle command has been removed
2.5: Re-equiping when training has been optimized to remove spam-lag
2.5: Encryption key = 0 case bug has been fixed
2.5: Jail system unlagged quite a bit, bars no longer turn blue
2.5: Ranking system has been fixed
2.5: Binding weapon summon / pickup exploit removed
2.5: Safe Zone handling added, xp will no longer be given for Safe Zone hits
2.5: MKPA will no longer run on servers that have banned MKP members ( by ip or ip block )
2.5: Damage hard coded / can no longer be changed by admins
2.5: If a weapon is thrown ( through Rune engine exploitation ) the person responsible will be instantly logged out and the weapon will be removed
2.5: Command to toggle food on/off

2.5.1: The leveling health percentile will no longer round down to 0 health
2.5.1: Fixed bug with the zero encryption case detection

2.5.2: Graphics no longer linger client side
2.5.2: Ranks work properly now
2.5.2: Training the melee skill will no longer falsely display 0 skill points left
2.5.2: Health will no longer be shot off when leveling with partial health levels
2.5.2: Anti throw exploit detection removed to re-establish compatibility with Rune 1.0
2.5.2: If food is visible while disabled, it will go away within 30 seconds or less

2.6.0: Xp distribution system tweaked. All problems should finally be fixed.
2.6.0: There is a new wave blade. The old one was too laggy.

2.6.1: The new wave blade now displays properly client side.

Special Thanx to:
Disturbed Alexander for running a dedicated MKPA server and being a loyal MKP fan
Jet-Boom for "discovering" a great deal of exploits

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Date Wednesday 17 June 2009 - 15:41:39
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