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I simply cant find it!
Moderator(s): Hawk, Onaga, test
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Jesus christ
Tue Aug 09 2011, 08:05am Print
Jesus christ
Level 1 Registered Member #266 Joined: Tue Aug 02 2011, 07:44am
Posts: 1
im looking for a mod that i once installed and also played on a server before
the mod/mutator saved your IN game name and i guess it made you make a password
then you have to kill other players to level up your weapon and your name and password
saves as a account, so you could play from any computer as long as you know your
pass and user, the server was called stormbringers i believe, i also was looking for the mod
thats the reason i registered on this site.... i remember installing mods alot maybe 4 to 1 years back and i basically duplicated the server without all the accounts saved, mods like
leveled weapons, hulk, admins logging into there account for admin power i believe?
if anyone has any information on these types of mutators/mods please let me and everyone else know im craving to host a server for this so i can experience that gameplay again
and it would be helpful if someone posted sites with mutators and mods..
im also pretty sure this leveled weapons was a mutator.
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Fri Aug 12 2011, 10:53pm
Main Admin Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Fri May 15 2009, 03:42pm
Posts: 84
i will see what i can do with this mod, but i can't rember i have seen that mod/mutator
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