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Rune (CoOp Mods) - FR CoOp Gameplay [MoiCoopToi]
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Today i found this awesome video on youtube... its only a week ago since it was uploaded by a french channel named "MoiCoopToi"
They present the most popular Rune Coop Mods smile
Thought its might be interesting for you guys...
They seems to have lots of fun smile

Check the video and have fun watching them!


[Submitted by Onaga]
Hawk Saturday 27 April 2013 - 16:05:16
Rune-World moves!
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Raven, Rune-World's chief webmaster, has informed me The Rune-World.com planned Server move will happen sometime this weekend!. He will have the site back up as soon as possible but it may take a few days.

Be assured Rune-World.com WILL Be Back!!!

Laurie "the DeepMinded" Wise
Rune-World.com Administrator

RuneGame.com Goddess/Administrator
2000 - 2012
[Submitted by Onaga]
Hawk Monday 01 April 2013 - 18:31:42
Rune World Cup 2013
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Hey Rune Gamers about the hole World. It's Time to choose the best country in Rune.
In the past there was a Championchip were the Winner was Finnland Now its time to bury out the bones.

Search your best team and sign up for the Rune World Champion Chip!!
You can sign up at the Forum from RuneArt.info.

Select your Country and the numbers of players. Search how much you get. You must get together 4 ppl 3 of them must play the matches. You will get more information soon.
The Site will be soon available. Take more look in here and you will see.

Source: RuneArt.info
[Submitted by Onaga]
Hawk Wednesday 27 March 2013 - 19:31:18
Thieves Guild MOD News & Dark Side Trailer
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Check out the News of the RUNE Modification "Thieves Guild"

There are latest news on ModDB or Rune-World

Also watch the "Dark Side Edition" Trailer on YouTube

[Submitted by Onaga]
Hawk Friday 14 December 2012 - 16:21:02
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