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Rune-World.com News!

 Onaga    28 Oct : 15:08
 None    Misc

Laure Wise send some new info about the status of Rune-World.com!

Laure Wise send some new info about the status of Rune-World.com!

Laurie Wise
23. Oktober um 11:49 ·

Rune-World.com's Front page is up now with a message from Human Head.

Hello, Rune fans. First off, we want to thank you for your continued patience as we sort out the issues with RuneGame.com. We know you’ve waited a long time for this and have had a lot of questions. What you find here is a partial relaunch of the original Rune Game website and forums. The original site went down when the site was compromised, and we decided to rebuild it from scratch rather than simply bring back the old site which was dated and would not have remained secure. We have been quite busy recently, so we simply didn’t have the resources to devote full time to bringing the site back, and there is further work to go. What you see now is a simple relaunch and we will fix and add new features as we go. For that reason, the site remains unfinished, with some links being broken.

We’d like to bring Rune Game back to a full state of functionality, but that will take time and we do ask for your help. Please report any issues or problems to: rune-webmaster at humanhead.com.

We thank you for your continued support of Rune and ask that you have patience as we sort out these issues.

Known problems:

All passwords have been reset so you will need to select a new password.
Usernames with umlauts are no longer supported.
[Submitted by Onaga]

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