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Rune 1.09 Project Revived!
I am proud to Announce the revival of the 1.09 project. The organization phase is complete and we have our new host, a domain coming soon. The 1.09 Project is not controlled by any clan, nor only restricted to a few dedicated people. I feel that a few people doing an impossible amount of work alone was responsible for the death of the LT and previous 1.09 project, and arguably, the 1.08 patch's shortcomings.

This patch will be based on 1.07 and 1.01, and from both ends we will work to combine the community, and this time succeed. We are currently looking for experienced developers for additional content and especially programmers and mutator authors. The team we currently have:

# # # # # # # # # #

Nearly every US Rune group is represented there. I post this now to invite the rest of the Rune community to our development forum for news, and suggestions. We're making a patch for all of us, so everyone must have a say. If you are a developer, we'd love for you to join us, even if for nothing more than to share your ideas.

To read the full post go here : Runegame post

Join us and be a part of what I believe will be the last patch ever needed for Rune.

Posted byGorm
on Sunday 02 August 2009 - 08:38:49 Comments (4)


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    Want to read something more about this. Ok?

  • Rune hedecan | 20 Dec : 12:46
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    Subscribed for your RSS, but can't read. Please check encoding please.

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    Thanks. Intersting and userfull. Write more

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    Uhh! Should post to Facebook. smile

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