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In's Editing & User Creations Chris Rhinehart, Chief Head of Human Head Studios has posted this important announcement!!

We are pleased to finally release the long-awaited headers for Rune 1.00!

More so than anything, we are pleased that the Rune community is thriving, with new, exciting projects on the horizon. We hope that the release of these headers will help out these new projects as well as reinvigorate old projects.

Please see Help\ReadMeSrc.htm for more information on compiling/using the headers.

Special thanks to the following people who helped get these headers going:
- Laurie Wise: the ultimate Rune Game Goddess, who does an incredible amount on the website and helped facilitate these headers coming to life
- Hawkeye, Del, and Zora: For testing the headers and ensuring that they are solid and ready for use. Thanks, all!

The headers can be downloaded from HH's website:

Chris Rhinehart
Human Head Studios

Be sure to post your appreciation and/or comments in Chris's subject thread through the link below

Posted byHawk
on Thursday 27 August 2009 - 16:18:36 Comments (2)


  • RunePubSrc100 lenar | 20 Dec : 14:37
    Comments: 3

    Registered: 01 Jan : 00:00
    Very interesting! Can someone give any links related this theme?

  • RunePubSrc100 thoisil | 20 Dec : 11:57
    Comments: 3

    Registered: 01 Jan : 00:00
    Thanks. Interesting! Added to favorites list =)

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